Stand Up and Cheer! is a 1934 musical film from 20th Century FOX starring Shirley Temple, Warner Baxter, James Dunn, and Madge Evans. It was released April 19, 1934. Its original running time was 80 minutes, but was cut down to 69 minutes on home video releases due to racist content included in the original film.

Plot Edit

The unseen President of the USA believes that it wasn't the stock market crash that caused the Great Depression, but rather a loss of optimism. Lawrence Cromwell (Warner Baxter) is appointed as the head of the Department of Amusement. Lots of musical numbers take place during the film. While some people are auditioning to be in a new show, Lawrence's audition session is interrupted by the janitor, George Bernard Shaw (Stepin Fetchit). The next day, Shirley Dugan (Shirley Temple) and her father (James Dunn) have a conference with Lawrence asking if Shirley could be in father's act despite being only 5 years old. Lawrence agrees. The Dugans' musical number, "Baby Take a Bow," is a success, and the film ends with the Depression literally lifting.

Songs Edit

1.I'm Laughing-sung by Various workers and Tess Gardella 2.Children's Song-sung by Children 3.Baby Take a Bow-sung and danced by Shirley Temple, James Dunn, and chorines 4.Broadway's Gone Hillbilly-sung and danced by Sylvia Froos 5.We're Out of the Red!-sung by cast 6.Stand Up and Cheer!-sung by a voiceover

Notes Edit

This is the film that shot Shirley Temple to fame. The dress she wore during the "Baby Take a Bow" number was a famous fashion item for little girls. When shooting the "Baby Take a Bow" number began, Shirley slipped and fell when entering the set. She cut her head in the process. Her mother, Gertrude Temple, covered the cut with a spit curl. Right after shooting the number, Shirley was given a seven-year contract with FOX. This film was originally titled Fox Follies. Shirley's next FOX film was titled after the song she sings in this film.

Cast Edit

Shirley Temple-Shirley Dugan James Dunn-Jimmy Dugan Warner Baxter-Lawrence Cromwell Madge Evans-Mary Adams Nigel Bruce-Eustis Dinwiddle Stepin Fetchit-George Bernard Shaw Lew Brown-Penguin Ralph Morgan-President's Secretary Tess Gardella-Aunt Jemima

Home Video History Edit

1989-VHS(Playhouse Video) in B/W 1990-VHS(FHE) in color 1994-VHS(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in color 1995-VHS(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in B/W 1995-VHS(FOX Video) in color 1999-VHS(Columbia House) in B/W 2003-DVD(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in B/W and color 2007-DVD(TCFHE) in B/W 2010-DVD/Blu-ray(TCFHE) in B/W