Susannah of the Mounties is 1939 Western film from 20th Century FOX starring Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott, and Martin Good Rider. It was released June 23rd, 1939. Its running time is 79 minutes.

Plot Edit

Orphaned Susannah is the sole survivor of an Indian Massacre. She is found by a group of Mounties led by Inspector Montague (Randolph Scott). She is taken to the Mountie Headquarters where she is adopted by Montague and his friend, Pat O'Hannegan (J. Farrell MacDonald). Soon, Montague falls in love with Vicky Standing (Margaret Lockwood) while the Indians steal the Mounties' horses. Chief Big Eagle (Maurice Moscovitch) is determined to track down the thieves and bring peace between the Mounties and the Indians. He sends his son Little Chief (Martin Good Rider) to the post where he befriends Susannah and teaches her his Native American ways. One day, they encounter Wolf Pelt (Victor Joy), who is trying to sell the stolen horses. He then gets into an argument with Chambers. Wolf Pelt then demands that the Indians go to war with the Canadians. He kidnaps Little Chief and Montague, who is tied to a stake. If the railroad that is in construction is not abandoned, Montague will be killed. Susannah reunites with Montague, but she is taken prisoner by the Indians. Just before Montague is burned, Susannah reveals that Wolf Pelt was stealing the horses. Wolf Pelt denies this, so Big Eagle uses the stick of truth to point out who the liar is. The stick points to Wolf Pelt, who is arrested. Montague is set free, and there is peace among the Canadians and Indians.

Songs Edit

1.In the Gloaming-sung by the Mounties 2.I'll Teach You the Waltz-sung and danced by Shirley Temple and Randolph Scott 3.Indian Dance-sung and danced by Shirley Temple and Martin Good Rider 4.Down Went McGinty-sung by J. Farrell MacDonald

Notes Edit

This was Shirley's last money-making film for 20th Century FOX. Shirley was usually forbidden to talk to her costars, but she and Martin Good Rider became good friends, and Shirley was made a member of the Blackfoot Tribe and given the name Bright Shining Star.

Cast Edit

Shirley Temple-Susannah Sheldon Randolph Scott-Inspector Angus Montague J. Farrell MacDonald-Pat O'Hannegan Martin Good Rider-Little Chief Maurice Moscovitch-Chief Big Eagle Victor Joy-Wolf Pelt Maragaret Lockwood-Vicky Standing Moroni Olsen-Andrew Standing

Home Video History Edit

1989-VHS(Playhouse Video) in B/W 1994-VHS(Columbia House) in B/W 1995-VHS(FOX Video) in color 1997-VHS(FHE) in color 2003-VHS/DVD(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in B/W and color 2006-DVD(TCFHE) in B/W and color 2010-DVD/Blu-ray(TCFHE) in B/W and color

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