Dimples is a 1936 musical film from 20th Century FOX starring Shirley Temple and Frank Morgan. It was released October 16, 1936. Its running time is 79 minutes.

Plot Edit

Dimples is an orphan living with her grandfather, Prof. Eustace Appleby, who is a pickpocket. Dimples spends her time entertaining people on the streets to make a living. One night, Dimples is entertaining guests at a party hosted by wealthy widow Caroline Drew (Helen Westley). Meanwhile, the Professor steals the guests' fur coats and scatters them all over the place. Caroline is charmed by Dimples's innocence and is adopted by her. Her nephew, Allen, a theatrical producer, is also charmed by Dimples and casts her as Little Eva in his new musical, Uncle Tom's Cabin. However, Dimples longs to be with the Professor again and returns to his humble home, refusing to go anywhere without him. Caroline is able to solve the problem she has encountered, and Allen's new musical is a success.

Songs Edit

1.Hey, What Did the Blue Jay Say?-sung and danced by Shirley Temple 2.He Was a Dandy-sung and danced by Shirley Temple 3.Picture Me Without You-sung by Shirley Temple 4.Bowery Dance-danced by Shirley Temple and Frank Morgan 5.Get on Board-sung by Shirley Temple and choir 6.Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-sung by choir 7.Dixie-Anna-sung and danced by Shirley Temple, Stepin Fetchit, and choir

Notes Edit

Under the Gaslight and The Bowery Princess were working titles for the film. Bill Robinson, who danced with Shirley in four of her films, choreographed the dances for this film, even though he does not appear in this film. Frank Morgan would go on to play the title character in The Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Cast Edit

Shirley Temple-Dimples Frank Morgan-Prof. Eustace Abbleby Helen Westley-Caroline Drew Robert Kent-Allen Drew Julius Tannen-Emery Hawkins Stepin Fetchit-Cicero John Carradine-Richards Delma Byron-Betty Loring Astrid Allwyn-Cleo Marsh-Marty Gay-Robert Gay-Ami Hines-John Lundquist

Home Video History Edit

1987-VHS(Playhouse Video) in B/W 1994-VHS(FOX Video) in color 1995-VHS(FHE) in color 1996-VHS(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in color 1997-VHS(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in color 2000-VHS(Columbia House) in color 2001-VHS(TCFHE) in color 2002-DVD(TCFHE) in B/W and color 2003-DVD(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in B/W and color 2006-DVD(TCFHE) in B/W and color 2010-DVD/Blu-ray(TCFHE) in B/W and color