Bible Songs is on Cedarmont Kids CD and Cedarmont Kids Video.

Plot Edit

  • The Cast Members original from "Bible Songs".

The Cast Members from Cedarmont KidsEdit

  • Jamie Aken
  • Keeley & Myranda Alexander
  • Cody & Landon Atkinson
  • Lauren & Ryan Burcham
  • Addie Davis
  • Alex Davis
  • Arden Davis
  • Allison Davis
  • Emma Claire Davis
  • Jo Ellen Davis
  • Lori Lee Davis
  • Megan Durham
  • Drew & Rob Eakins
  • Tiffany Evins
  • Crystal Feldman
  • Chase Gallatin
  • Marty & Robert Gay
  • Jamie Grable
  • Ami Hines
  • Beth & JoAnn Holloway
  • Jason & Michelle Keil
  • Jared, Joy Kate and Robert Lawson
  • Jasmina Lee
  • Alan & Tessa Ludwick
  • John & Robert Lundquist
  • Erik Marsh
  • Candace McMilkcarton
  • Jessica & Josephine Moore
  • Abby, Anthony, Daniel & Danny Mullins
  • Sara Norby
  • Carmen Oakley
  • Marlee Priest
  • Emily Smith
  • Julie Smith
  • Emily & Richard Sullivan
  • Devante, Eddy, Johnny, Joshua, Kelly, Maria and Paul Warren
  • Jonathan, Joseph & Steven White


  • Darryl Albonico
  • Eunice Cho
  • Chloe Collins
  • Kevin Collins
  • Chloe Esposito
  • Emma Esposito
  • Abigale Freeland
  • Robert Freeland
  • Carmen Letren
  • Jason Letren
  • Alexander Lincoln
  • Kristen Lincoln
  • Michael Norby
  • Ronald Patrick
  • Xavier Patterson
  • Taylor Peck
  • Reed Priest
  • Katherine Pulley
  • Greggory Witthauer


Jake Bolander

Jeff Bolander

Sherman Bucher

Nick Coleman

Jaron Kallesen

Karsten Kallesen

Rosey Moehle

Rachel Mullins

Aric Norby

Amanda Powell

Joseph Powell

Sean Rowe

Songs Edit

  1. Puff the Magic Dragon
  2. Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho
  3. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
  4. Jesus Loves Me
  5. This is My Commandment
  6. Little David (Play On Your Harp)
  7. Every Promise in the Book Is Mine
  8. Uncle Noah's Ark
  9. Peter, James & John in a Sailboat
  10. Hickory Dickory Dock
  11. Dare to Be a Daniel
  12. My God Is So Big
  13. Show Off
  14. Little Green Frogs
  15. Silver and Gold Have I None
  16. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  17. Jesus Wants for a Sunbeam
  18. Jesus Loves Even Me
  19. I Had a Little Nut Tree
  20. Hip Hopscotch
  21. Little Boy Blue
  22. Give Me Oil In My Lamp
  23. The B-I-B-L-E
  24. Everybody Ought to Know

Trivia Edit

  • Bible Songs is the one of the others, there's Marty Gay, Megan Durham, Lauren and Ryan Burcham, Keeley and Myranda Alexander, Tiffany Evins, Graham and Ryan Leach, Cody and Landon Atkinson, Rachael and Whitney Hudson, Cory Warfield and Emily and Julie Smith sings about the Nursery Rhyme was Hickory Dickory Dock and Little Boy Blue at "Fiddlers Grove at the Ward Agricultural Center in Lebanon Tennessee". and another song about Robert Gay, Jessica Moore, Josephine Moore, Keeley Alexander, Myranda Alexander and Marty Gay sings about Puff the Magic Dragon at Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center at "Callaway Gardens GA". and Little Green Frogs at Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel at "Callaway Gardens". and Show Off and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious at Florida State University at "Callaway Gardens". and Myranda Alexander, Marty Gay, Jonathan Pendergrass, Keeley Alexander, Chase Gallatin, Robert Gay, Crystal Feldman, Candace McMilkcarton, John & Robert Lundquist, Chloe Collins, Emily and Julie Smith even Tessa Ludwick floats on a green raft. sings Uncle Noah's Ark. from Toddler Tunes