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Children who sing about Jesus all the time

Cedarmont KidsEdit

Cedarmont Kids was established in 2006 to make all sorts of musical things for kids.They've got Cedarmont Music,Cedarmont Kids Pictures,Cedarmont Publishing, Cedarmont Kids 1 and 2 and Cedarmont Kids Home Video.


Cedarmont Kids is a Christian company, starring kids who sing some great classic songs.

Their current videos include:Edit

Bible Songs

Action Bible Songs

Sunday School Songs

Silly Songs

Toddler Tunes

Preschool Songs

School Days

Christmas Carols

Christmas Favorites

Songs Of America

Toddler Action Songs

Cedarmont Kids CDsEdit

Bible Songs

Action Bible Songs

Sunday School Songs

Song Of Praise

Silly Songs

Cedarmont NinosEdit

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