Young People is a musical film from 20th Century FOX starring Shirley Temple, Jack Oakie, and Charlotte Greenwood. It was released August 23, 1940, and is 77 minutes long.

Plot Edit

Joe (Jack Oakie) and Kit Ballantine (Charlotte Greenwood) are a couple of vaudeville dancers who adopt an orphaned baby. Years later, when the orphan, Wendy (Shirley Temple), becomes a teenager, the family decides to retire, thinking that Wendy would be better off living a normal life. They move to a farm in New England, and Wendy starts attending school. However, the residents of the nearby village scorn the Ballantines for being celebrities. Having had enough of "the cold shoulder," they decide to return to show business. But on the night they are departing, a hurricane hits town and destroys an orphanage. When Joe rescues the orphans, the townspeople warm up to the Ballantines and make them residents of their town.

Songs Edit

1.Fifth Avenue-sung and danced by Shirley Temple, Jack Oakie, and Charlotte Greenwood 2.I Wouldn't Take a Million-sung by Jack Oakie 3.Young People-sung and danced by Shirley Temple and children's chorus 4.Fifth Avenue(reprise)-sung and danced by Shirley Temple, Jack Oakie, and Charlotte Greenwood 5.I Wouldn't Take a Million(reprise)-sung by Shirley Temple 6.Tra La La La-sung and danced by Shirley Temple, Jack Oakie, Charlotte Greenwood, and cast

Notes Edit

This is the first film in which Shirley plays a teenage role. This is Shirley's last film for 20th Century FOX. Immediately after filming, her contract was terminated since she was no longer the most popular box office star in America. Both this and The Blue Bird were box office flops. This film includes footage from Stand Up and Cheer! and Curly Top during the prologue.

Cast Members Edit

Shirley Temple-Wendy Ballantine Jack Oakie-Joe Ballantine Charlotte Greenwood-Kit Ballantine

Home Video History Edit

1995-VHS(FOX Video) in color 1997-VHS(Columbia House) in B/W 1998-VHS(FHE) in color 2002-VHS/DVD(Cedarmont KIDS Video) in B/W and color 2008-DVD(TCFHE) in B/W 2010-DVD/Blu-ray(TCFHE) in B/W