Songs of Praise is one of Cedarmont Kids albums.

Cast Members Edit

  • Keeley Alexander
  • Myranda Alexander
  • Marty Gay (age 4)
  • Robert Gay (age 6)
  • Jamie Grable
  • Graham Leach
  • Anthony Mullins
  • Emily Smith
  • Cory Warfield

Support Cast Edit

  • John Lundquist
  • Lola Taylor O'Celery
  • Richard Sullivan

Songs Edit

1. Thy Word Have I Hid In My Heart

2. Praise Him, Praise Him

3. Hallelu, Hallelu

4. Wonderful Words Of Life

5. Fairest Lord Jesus

6. The Lord Is My Shepherd

7. Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You

8. Come And Go With Me

9. Kum-Ba-Yah

10. Come Bless The Lord

11. God Is So Good

12. Praise The Lord Together

13. Jesus In The Morning

14. He Is Lord

15. Love, Love

Notes Edit

This is one of the few Cedarmont Kids albums not to have a movie to go with it. If it did, it would've had the same Cedarmont Kids from Action Bible Songs and Silly Songs.

The package color is yellow.

This album was released in 1993.