The Shirley Temple Collection is Cedarmont Kids' home video line of Shirley Temple films from 20th Century FOX, excluding Our Little Girl and Wee Willie Winkie. These home videos are co-distributed with 20th Century FOX Home Entertainment, yet the latter's logo only appears on the back and spine of VHS/DVD cases. The films are available in either B/W or colorized versions.

Cover StructureEdit

The VHS front cover would have a white inside (a different color is used when white is used as the package color). The title is shown on the inside in the font used on the cover of the 20th Century FOX Family Feature VHS release of the movie with "The Shirley Temple Collection" above it. Shirley appears where Little David would be, wearing an outfit from the movie. The Cedarmont KIDS logo appears at the top. The entire package is one solid color. On the spine, the Cedarmont KIDS logo is at the top. The title appears on the spine, in either white or the color of the inside (only if white is used). The FOX Video or 20th Century FOX logo appears on the bottom. On the back, there is a summary of the movie with the songs listed below. Three photos from the movie would be shown in color on colorized version or B/W on B/W versions. Additional information, such as color and running time, appear on the bottom with the FOX Video or 20th Century FOX logo.

On DVDs, the Cedarmont Kids logo appears on the top with "The Shirley Temple Collection" below. The title appears in the center, in blue or pink Times New Roman. Shirley appears in the center, wearing an outfit from the movie. On the DVDs, the photos are always in color, despite being able to watch the movies (except The Blue Bird and The Little Princess, which are in color only) in B/W or color.

Tapes Edit

All VHS tapes are black and have no print date. Colorized versions of the B/W movies feature a sticker label in the package color. B/W versions have an ink label. The Blue Bird and The Little Princess are only available in color. The Blue Bird has a blue sticker label. The Little Princess has an ink label.

Releases Edit

The Blue Bird(1940)1993(VHS),2002(DVD)/Blue/Mytyl Costume Little Miss Broadway(1938)1993(Color VHS),2000(B/W VHS),2005(DVD)/Pink/Revue Dress Stand Up and Cheer!(1934)1994(Color VHS),1995(B/W VHS),2002(DVD)/Red/Polka-dot Dress Heidi(1937)1995(Color VHS),1998(B/W VHS),2002(DVD)/Green/Heidi Costume Bright Eyes(1934)1995(Color VHS),1996(B/W VHS),2003(DVD)/Yellow/Pilot Outfit The Little Princess(1939)1995(VHS),2003(DVD)/Purple/Birthday dress Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm(1938)1996(Color VHS),1999(B/W VHS),2004(DVD)/Orange/Overalls Baby Take a Bow(1934)1996(Color VHS),1997(B/W VHS),2004(DVD)/Pink/Frilly Dress Dimples(1936)1996(Color VHS),1997(B/W VHS),2003(DVD)/Aqua/Street Outfit The Little Colonel(1935)1997(Color VHS),1999(B/W VHS),2005(DVD)/Light blue/Colonel Uniform Curly Top(1935)1997(Color VHS),1998(B/W VHS),2004(DVD)/White with a pink inside/Pink dress The Littlest Rebel(1935)1998(Color VHS),2000(B/W VHS),2002(DVD)/White with a green inside/Green dress Poor Little Rich Girl(1936)1999(Color VHS),2001(B/W VHS),2002(DVD)/White with a red inside/Military Man Costume Stowaway(1936)2000(Color VHS),2001(B/W VHS),2002(DVD)/Yellow/Yellow dress Young People(1940)2002/Gold/Tuxedo Just Around the Corner(1938)2003/Light green/Happy Little Ditty dress Susannah of the Mounties(1939)2003/Burgundy/Skin Outfit Captain January(1936)2004/Cerulean/Sailor Suit